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I have always had a passion for health and fitness.  I played sports throughout my childhood but my first love was for football which I played from 6 until mid-way through secondary school until I found basketball, both of which I played to a county level.  After college I started to train at a regular gym, following the workout plans in the 'Men's Health' magazines.  I really enjoyed training and when a friend suggested I should consider a career in Personal Training the decision was simple.  I haven't looked back since - I love what I do and the differences I can make to someones life and well-being.

During my training for Personal Training I was introduced to CrossFit.  It is very different from a traditional magazine workout program but I loved the style of training immediately; pushing me in different ways and importantly, a lot more fun!  My first CrossFit workout was called 'Cindy' which is a 20min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups and 15 squats. I completed a score of 8 rounds, 4 years on my best ever score was 30 rounds!  This is what CrossFit allows - there are a number of benchmark workouts which you can follow over time and it allows you to constantly push yourself and see the improvements.

I have been following CrossFit programs now since 2013 and have reached a good level, competing in various high level competitions in the UK.  I will continue to compete but CrossFit is not just about being competitive; I have great passion for working with our members, regardless of fitness goals or levels, to make them look and feel the best they can!

At home I am a husband and soon to be a father.  In the gym I am a coach, trainer, friend and workout partner.  I love what I can do and believe we have built a fantastic community at CrossFit Romsey which can help everyone improve their health, feel better, make new friends and have lots of fun.



I have had a passion for fitness and strength training since 2013 and discovered CrossFit in 2015.  I immediately fell in love with CrossFit and the style of training and more specifically the Olympic Lifting side.  I have competed in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting events, qualifying for National standards in the Olympic events and also had trials for Team GB.

CrossFit is great fun and I love both taking part in the workouts and teaching them.  Olympic Weightlifting moves are very complex but coaching our members through these moves and seeing their progress and improved confidence is very rewarding.

I am taking a break from training in 2019 to have a baby but am remaining active and mobile so that I can come back in 2020 ot the sport that I love.



When I was younger I was a keen gymnast so when I moved more to the gym scene in 2015 this gave me a good foundation for training and some of the moves in CrossFit.  In 2017 I made a career change, leaving full time employment to pursue my passion in Health and Fitness and became a full time Personal Trainer. I love coaching and encouraging the members here at CrossFit Romsey! 

I compete in CrossFit and Obstacle Course Races (OCR), I love how they challenge you both physically and mentally on an individual level and in a team environment. I am looking at competing more and more over the years to come ... but in the meantime I love throwing it down with all the CFR members.


COACH (Intern)

I come from a background of long distance endurance sports having competed in many running marathons, ultras, 100 milers and Ironman Triathlons. I have represented my country at long distance triathlon world championships in Germany and Australia, 70.3 Ironman World Champs in Florida and I qualified for the Ironman World Champs in Kona, Hawaii.

In early 2018, I realised that while my cardiovascular system was fit, I wasn’t fit across a broad range of physical activities. I was also experiencing a decrease in flexibility, strength, speed, power and muscle mass. I decided to explore some gym based activities and fortunately discovered CrossFit Romsey.

Learning a variety of new exercises through CrossFit training and getting involved in the CrossFit community has been life changing. I’m now a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and I’m passionate about coaching people that are new to CrossFit to enable them to learn the basic skills of cardio training, gymnastics and weightlifting. This will enable you to start participating in group, coached classes and to experience what CrossFit is all about! I


’m still passionate about my cardio sports and together with some of the other coaches, we lead running groups that run from the box on the weekend. I’ve attended a Gow Row indoor rowing workshop and I also coach group rowing classes on our Concept 2 rowers.

Our members are fantastic and we are a tight knit family that all look out for each other. We can help you to improve your health, get stronger and stay fit throughout your lifetime, regardless of age or level of fitness.


COACH (Intern)

Joining CrossFit Community in Romsey has literally changed my life. I come from a multi sport background which started with cycling then running and finally swimming. I have competed as an age grouper in many running events from cross country to marathons and ultras as well sprint, standard and Ironman distance triathlons, duathlon and both pool and open water swimming events. I have competed across all disciplines and represented my country in Duathlon at World Champs in Hungary, Australia and Canada, long distance triathlon world championships in Germany, 70.3 Ironman World Champs in Florida.


I spent 20 years in marketing but my own challenges in finding an adult swimming coach lead me to training in the US as a swimming coach and starting my own swim coaching business which I ran for 10 years. My primary focus was teaching adults for open water and triathlon swimming which involved leading swim camps around the world including Turkey, Virgin Islands, Mauritius and the Caribbean.


I joined the CrossFit community in early 2018 on a beginners course and not only loved the all round approach to fitness but also the community aspect. Taking my passion for coaching adult swimming and transferring this to CrossFit seemed like a natural progression. I took my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course partly for personal growth and partly to enable me to pass on my passion for CrossFit to others.


I am definitely not a natural gymnast or weightlifter but feel that as I am challenged in almost all areas of CrossFit that I have a natural empathy with those like me. I’m keen to develop the older CrossFit athlete and get enormous satisfaction from watching as members gain in fitness and grow in confidence.


Having come from sports with a high cardio component the cardio aspects of CrossFit came more easily to me. So together with some of the other coaches, we lead running groups and I’ve attended a Go Row indoor rowing workshop and I help coach group rowing classes on our Concept 2 rowers. CrossFit offers so much more than fitness but a real sense of community.


They’ve become my family and I’ve finally found my tribe.

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