Our 5,500sq.ft facility is equipped with the latest functional fitness equipment, members coffee and chill out zone with free WiFi and pool table!   We have an Open Gym area for those that may not be able to make a class or just want to work on specific moves.


Main Class Area 

Here you will find our most complete Training Plan we typically split the session up into 3 parts:

1. Strength

2. Skill

3. Conditioning 

We run 2-3 of these sessions a day for you to book on to, the sessions are an hour long and you will be instructed through by a coach with no more than 12 in a session. 

You don't have to plan your gym session after a busy day at work or worry about you technique, we have all this covered for you!


Powerlift, Olympic Lift, Strength Training 

If you feel you need to bring up your strength or just work on your techniques in your lifts. 

Be it your powerlifting lifts, your olympic lifts or just need to balance out the body with some traditional strength training than this is for you and a great add on to our yard sessions! 


Pure conditioning 

This is where you can get to work on that conditioning and fitness through Cardio - Depending on the phase of training we are in at the time , it will either be working on some H.I.I.T training, some endurance training or working our middle distance areas!  


Body Weight Skill Training 

If you want to build to the elusive pull up, ring dip, muscle up or work your kipping and butterfly kipping techniques then this will be a great add on to the yard sessions. 


Relax and Unwind

Our biggest asset is our members and the community.  Why not allow a little extra time before or after a workout for a drink, a chat and maybe a game of pool

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Enjoy a tea or coffee, some snacks and energy drinks pre or post workout.

Even play a few games of pool if that's more your thing 🎱 


Refresh after a tough session!

Showering facilities equipped with dressing tables and hairdryers offers maximum flexibility for our members to workout at any time of day! 

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