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FitStop Romsey Gym

Boutique Gym in Romsey

- Cardio equipment (row/ski/bike/assault bikes/curve treadmill/battling ropes)
- Power racks
- Dumbbells (up to 50kg)
- Adjustable bench and flat benches
- Variety of specialty bars (hex bar/axel bar/ farmers handles/ Strongman log)
- Cable machine
- Olympic lifting jerk blocks


- Olympic lifting jerk blocks
- Kettlebells
- Prowlers/ tyres / sledge hammers
- Bands/ chains
- Pull up bars/ rings/ TRX
- Leg press (Plate loaded)
- GHD machines (Glute ham developer)
- Reverse hyper

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Unit 30, Romsey Industrial Estate, Greatbridge Rd, Romsey SO51 0HR, UK

07512 131450

Racks and Chains